Do you know about GDV?

This month Dr Ophelia and the Vetcall Mudgeeraba team had a case our general practices don’t commonly see due to the severity and urgency to the condition; gastric dilatation-volvulus known as GDV.

What is GDV? 

GDV is a condition large, deep chested dogs are highly prone to getting. It’s caused by the stomach becoming dilated with gas, causing the stomach to twist on itself. This condition is an extreme emergency and requires veterinary intervention immediately, even with treatment, risks of not making it through are very high. The clinical signs shown to an animal that has this condition could be; collapsing, distended abdomen, pale gums and delayed refill time, high respiratory rate and hyper-salivation.  

What we would recommend to you if your pet was in this high-risk category?  

PREVENTION! Undergoing a gastropexy when you have your pet desexed. This is when the vet anchors the stomach to the body wall using sutures to ensure the stomach cannot “twist” on itself.