Arthritis in Pets

This month at Vetcall Mudgeeraba we have been seeing lots of our furry friends coming through our clinic struggling to do the normal daily things. Coming into the cooler weather Arthritis is seen a lot clearer as our pet’s struggle with the cold.

Arthritic dogs and cats may move a bit slower than usual and with stiffness. We also notice that in some cases they have difficulty rising off the ground. Arthritic dogs may interact less with people and may be hesitant to climb stairs or jump up and down. The pain and inflammation that comes with arthritis is progressive and can be severe. The symptoms of arthritis can develop gradually so may be missed initially. Regular vet checkups and a few things to change in your everyday life will be imperative for your animal’s well-being. 

So, what are a few things you can do if you notice symptoms of arthritis in your pet? 

  • First of all, contact your Veterinarian, find out if arthritis is the problem that your pet is facing and seek advice from them. 
  • Comfort at home is extremely important, your pet needs to be as comfortable as possible by providing a warm bed and avoid them from having to climb up stairs if possible. Be sure to check that the bed is thick enough to cushion affected joints. 
  • Exercise is also still important in our arthritic pets; regular gentle exercise will maintain mobility. Depending on the severity of your pets condition a leash walk or swimming can help. Be sure to ask you veterinarian the best possible exercise options to suit your pet’s needs.